We are Joe and Jennifer Blend, the husband-and-wife team behind Joe Blend & Company.

Although we are two quirky and imaginative creatives—a curious + caffeinated blend, so to speak—we have only one mission: to explore and interpret life in a manner that's fresh and informative, through various combinations of writing, illustration, + publication.
Form and function, learning + growth, for everyone involved.
We insist on interpreting subjects in a manner that caffeinates the brain space. That means we refuse to serve watered-down creativity within the artistic equivalent of a Styrofoam cup. We're inspired by the notion that less is more, which means every ingredient in our work is selected with care. And we believe in authenticity, because only truth and sincerity can create meaningful connections between a message and its audience.
AS WRITERS, we serve copywriting, haiku, and creative nonfiction to personal and professional endeavors that need a fresh voice and creative narrative (which includes one optional custom illustration, for each piece of writing). And we also write for our own publications, but more on that later!
WHEN WE ILLUSTRATE, we infuse the work with a graphic design approach, which gives the imagery both form and function. Materials and techniques include drawing, photography, handmade elements, and/or mixed media. Non-commissioned prints of our work are sold through our online store and vary in size from 5" x 7" to 13" x 19".
BUT WE ALSO LOVE BOOKS, which is why we're in the process of crafting our first two print publications—a book of illustrated haiku and an illustrated children's book. The books are slated for publication December 2018 and Summer 2019 respectively, so stay tuned for updates!
Interested in working with us? We are available to write for small- and medium-size endeavors of a personal or professional nature. Although we are comfortable working independently, we are also open to collaborations with other creatives. So, if you're curious about our work or think we'd be a good fit with your project or team, let's talk!
“Joe is a master of raw creative exploration. His deep inventiveness has been of great help to some of the core brainstorming my creative team has done for the past few months. It’s a delight to find such a quick and nimble mind that connects so well with other artists to round out a room of designers.” — Vail Henry, Creative Director, Brand and Digital Marketing​​​​​​
"Nicely done and carefully packaged for shipping. I received the print quickly (it shipped from coast to coast, just about!) and Joe was great at communicating the anticipated arrival date.” — Brian Johnson, Etsy customer, Graphic Designer
“Working with Joe is extremely rewarding. He has a strong talent for listening to and understanding the needs of a client, which includes an ability to distill a message to its core and to develop a creative narrative that successfully exposes the heart of the content. He’s very astute at finding the correct tone for the writing and then subsequently marrying it to an existing brand or helping to apply a fresh voice to a new brand.” — Keith Bowman, Digital Creative Director
"Joe created a spot-on, beautiful, and inspiring haiku for a special family member of mine—as a surprise to her. Although I gave Joe some background and directional focus, all the rest—the words, the drawing—were up to him. I am delighted with the entire look, the whole package. I recommend Joe for his haiku, without reservation. And I cannot wait to order a second one, for another special person."  Susan Wobst, Independent Consultant
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