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[ FRESH observations, harvested from daily Life ]
_062118 .. . Candy, light bulbs, and a vegetable.. . through the lens.
​​​​​​​_061818 .. . Put one word in front of the others. Repeat as needed. Eventually, you will reach a        [       complete ]
_061318...  .       . Ask "why?" instead of "when?".
Because when you assume there's a "when," you ignore the import of why something should EXIST in the first place. Even a simple idea or a seemingly benign effort can cripple the balance of the mind 
if it's allowed to run before it even has legs.
1 ] Think first.
2 ] Act later.
_060718.     ...    . beneath the hat…truth / rich minds…deep hearts…playful steps / We’re all a little mAd!
The Mad Hatter, from the Tim Burton interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, was an odd bloke to say the least. Definitely odd…
and bizarre,
a bit disturbed, 
+ certainly loony. But he was also a passionate artisan who had a kind heart and good soul.

Mad is a word that has multiple definitions, but I think the best one of all is that which implies being carried away by enthusiasm. Which you could also read as a playful passion for life. So, in that sense, all of us—to some degree, in some way, at some point in time—are a little mad!
_060518....    .Let go of the thing that you’re trying to be (the noun), and focus on the actual work you need to be doing (the verb). Doing the verb will take you someplace further and far more interesting than just wanting the noun. ― Austin Kleon
_052318. .   .. .  “Woe to he who checkmates his opponent at last, only to discover they have been playing cribbage.” ― Jedediah Berry, The Manual of Detection
_052118 ....         .Creative thinking should be . . .a lifestyle. In other words, a way of seeing the world—not just as a means of employment but as a means of living. Creativity must be nurtured over time. Every day, and with care.
Like a garden.
_051618 . ...       . We live in a world where, <sarcasm>thanks</sarcasm> to smart technology, the average person doesn't t h   i          n               k as much as they REACT. People want information—quickly—and if they don't "get it" or "like it" within seconds, they 



to the next stimulus. And that's a sad state of affairs because ultimately, that mentality shifts the paradigm for the rest of the world. A new status quo, if you will.
That's why the goal for our work is to make people think. That type of work engages the mind, creates curiosity, and encourages FOLLOW-UP. Probably not in mere seconds, but that's the point. Because when we take the time to truly think, we LEARN + GROW. That creates a better discourse, around which a more meaningful life is created. Next thing you know, the world is a better place—even in some small way—for all of us.
​​​​​​​_051418 .       . .    .         . CURIOSITY, for the viewer,
…the best outcome a graphic designer can hope for when crafting visually creative work. It allows all things to become possible. Because if a designer isn’t curious during the creation process, great ideas will never be discovered. And if an onlooker isn’t curious, they’ll never be drawn into the final piece to explore further, which is how one discovers the valuable substance within—{posters, or book or magazine covers, et al.}
Not good for cats.
Great for VISUAL communication.
_042618 .   ..    .       .PERCEPTION & Intuition should always have a green light during the process of crafting creative work. 
That’s because perception is influenced by the people, places, & things that influenced us {which is knowledge that can’t be purchased}. And intuition?
That’s the mind’s full potential, unfiltered.
_041118 . .        .“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” — Bruce Lee
_022718 .   ..EXPLORE. Discover the hidden gems throughout our worlds. Stumble upon—

with purpose
—the treasures buried (sometimes deep) within daily life. Allow them to reveal profound notions, through which incredible outcomes can be born.
That will be our quest.

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